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Short Version:

The vessel is not going to sink, break loose, or pollute.

Longer Version:

  1. Operational thru hulls, hoses and sea caulks.

  2. Operational bilge pumps, solar panels, good batteries and good wiring.

  3. Oil free bilge.

  4. Capable of self propelled navigation, sail or motor.

  5. Must meet state and federal requirements.

  6. Everything on deck should be secured.

  7. State and federal requirements state that all fuel containers must be stored in exposed areas where fumes cannot accumulate. This difference required clarification.

If the vessel you are captain of does not meet these requirements today, you should be making consistent effort at getting the vessel in shape. If you need help or materials, reach out to your neighbors, if they’re the helpful type.  If no one else will help, you can always reach out to someone in the Anchorage Association, generally a helpful bunch, or come to one of the monthly meetings.

Safety inspection is available through the Coast Guard Auxiliary,

a qualified marine surveyor, or as a courtesy through the Anchorage Association.


  1. Sausalito has a long tradition of being a home for boats in need of repair,

  2. long before there was a single house on its shores.

  3. It is important for the Anchorage and its sustainability that progress is steadily made on improving

  4. and maintaining the seaworthiness of a vessel under your responsibility.

Seaworthiness 101

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