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Code of The Bay(draft still evolving...)

Help your neighbors if you can.

Be alert.

Lend a hand when needed.

Do not steal.

Respect the environment.

Keep your boat in order and seaworthy.

Don’t anchor in another vessel’s scope.

Respect the local community.

Don’t be a idiot.


Call a BoatSaver!


Write it down!


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May Actions:

Request Safety Certification from Anchorage Association for Burgee

Check your groundtackle.

Keep Your Decks Clear.

and as always...

Be a Good Neighbor

4 Agreements

Being alert and prepared for high winds and bad weather is a central responsibility of seamanship.

It averts the hazards to your life and vessel and the lives and property of others, including the environment.

Your neighbors will likely warn you of an upcoming storm, but you can always check for daily updates here.


Rights and responsibilities go hand-in-hand.

The anchorage community is famously filled with iconoclasts and those who color outside the lines, and finding a common consensus on anything can be a challenge. In its monthly meetings the Anchorage Association has colorfully hashed out these issues and most present have agreed through vote to strive to adhere to a basic set of agreements, for safety and sustainability. With the anchorage demographic, the approach of encouraging voluntary agreement, rather than ticketing and harrassment, is the first and most effective line of effort.

These are the big ones...




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Elinor Ostrum’s Nobel Prize winning work on ‘Governing the Commons’

In 2009, Elinor Ostrum won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for her work on

governance of the commons, the task ever before us here in Richardson Bay.

Here’s the design principles she discovered were necessary for success.

Learn more, and see the entire presentation given to the RBRA detailing

this approach on the “8 Principles” page.

A 9th principle has been added here to address a basic culturally

specific challenge on the anchorage to be overcome.

(the wind forecast isn’t displaying properly in some browsers, if that means you, click the box and it should take you there... bug will be fixed... and tides will be up soon.)

You can financially support the Richardson Bay Special Anchorage Association, a 501c3 community organization, and make a positive impact on the Bay’s future now.