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Since long before there were any buildings on the Sausalito or Tiburon peninsulas, mariners and their vessels have taken safe refuge in the waters known as Richardson Bay.


Miwok people visiting Sir Francis Drake’s boat as its crew repairs the hull in the shallow waters of what is now called Drake’s Bay in Pt. Reyes.

before 1500




Almost 200 years passed before any ship is recorded to have entered the foggy

Golden Gate.

The first person of European descent to record visiting Sausalito and its waters was Don José de Cañizares, on August 5, 1775, who arrived by longboat from the Don Carlos, as they searched for a suitable anchorage. He and his sailors discovered and noted the friendly Huimen people, abundant elk, deer, bears, seals and sea otters, and hills covered with timber for shipbuilding.  

Illustration by Gordon Miller,




For thousands of years, the waters of what is now called richardson bay were plied by a group of native Miwok people’s known as the Huimen. They lived in their settlement known as Liwanelowa, in the location of present-day Sausalito. By all accounts they were are peaceful and friendly people who lived in harmony with the rich nature of the Northern Shores of the Golden Gate.


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