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In 1993 the anchorage community initiated the first modern survey of vessels anchored in Richardson Bay. The current 2016 survey tracks all vessels for registration, real-time contact info, seaworthiness, ground tackle, and sewage disposal. This is an internal document that is used by the survey team and boat savers to actively manage and keep abreast of the detailed reality of the anchorage.

Private information is only shared with outside organizations or agencies by permission from owner or in the case of a safety hazard with an absentee owner who cannot be contacted.

As the sharing of this information requires trust, especially for a frontiersman privacy-loving community, the information on the Demographic Survey is only shared with local agencies upon their request on a need-to-know basis for vessels which have been determined to be in imminent danger of dragging, sinking, or present a danger to life, the environment, or other vessels, and then only after genuine attempts via the community to contact the listed owner.

The City of Sausalito has been repeatedly offered, over the course of years in public recorded meetings, to coordinate with the Anchorage Association and to contact the RBSAA or individuals regarding vessels they have questions or concerns regarding.

They have ignored these offers, in that no calls or coordination prior to

abatement notices have been made.

Information is shared within the Anchorage Association to inform the prioritization list for the boatsavers, seaworthiness check, groundtackle, marine safety, and registration educational programs.

BoatSavers Demographic Survey

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