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What are the BoatSavers?

The BoatSavers are a dedicated, volunteer team of highly-skilled and certified maritime emergency workers with decades of experience on Richardson Bay. They are not formally associated with the Anchorage Association but many of its members are active in the Association’s meetings and goings on.

In the case of a vessel that is sinking, the boat savers are often the first responders. An assessment is made, the boat is floated and inspected for the cause of sinking. Correcting the cause and making certain that there is a person present and responsible for maintaining the vessel.

BoatSavers save taxpayers money.

Ho Choy 35’ commercial fishing boat. Floated.

50 foot converted ferry built by the state of California. Crushed.

Formosa 51’ sailboat. Floated.

Incognito, 31’ Trojan. Delivered to Bill Price

35’ Fiberglass pleasure boat. Floated.

92 year old Montery Clipper fishing vessel. Floated, being restored.

14’ Dorset Skiff. Crushed.

33’ Luhrs Fiberglass sedan. Pumped out, stabilized and delivered to the Army Corps.

65’ Steel Military Craft. Pumped out stablized and floated for a month until space was available at the corps.

90 Tons of steel. Scrapping price is minimum $100/ton x 100 Tons. RBRA paid $32,000 to cut it up.

Cost to raise it and maintain it until delivery: $0

17’ Ranger runabout. Sank during a storm. Taken to ArmyCorp for disposal

45’ Japanese Admiral’s Launch. Sank during a storm. Floated and delivered to Corps for disposal.

44’ Hunter Powerboat. Sank in rough weather. Floated and brought to Army Corps for disposal.

37’ CrisCraft. Damaged from another vessel hitting it. Floated, repairs being made.

26’ Lapstrake Sailboat. Floated and stable.

27’ Bayliner Cruiser. Sank during storm. Floated and brought to the Army Corps.

20’ Glasspar. Removed from under a house in Belvedere. Taken to Schoonermacher for inspection and delivered to Corps.

35‘ CrisCraft, dragging to Tiburon in high winds. Caught 150 ft from shore, pulled back and re-anchored.

31‘ Trojan. Worm damage. Repairs were made, currently afloat.

17‘ Dorset runabout launch. Broke loose during a storm and went onto rocks. Delivered to Corps.

16‘ Chrysler runabout launch. Delivered to Corp.

14’ Fiberglass skiff. Floated.

21‘ Bayliner. Sunk during storm. Raised, towed to corp for disposal.

Navigational hazards

Sunken debris, 12‘ aluminum skiff full of scrap metal. Raised and delivered to the Army Corps.

14‘ navigational hazard skiff. Delivered to Army Corp for disposal.

Estimated savings to county and RBRA member cities in fiscal year 2015/2016:  

conservative estimate: $50,000

Quotes from private contractors on raising and delivering vessels listed below which were rescued by the BoatSavers during storms and high winds range from a minimum of $1100 to $3500 and up.

All vessels listed below were raised and floated or delivered for abatement in 2015/2016 courtesy the BoatSavers.

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