AnchoredOut is a privately-run, public information service created in 2016 providing for the particular needs, safety, and dignity of the legacy maritime community of Richardson Bay anchorage. Its further aim is to make easier the work of the agencies with jurisdiction over the Bay, in ensuring safety for the larger community and ecology and re-establishing the balance of rights and responsibilities for those living on the water.

For the onshore community, AnchoredOut provides a window into the maritime neighborhood in their midst, encouraging understanding and engagement, and showing the ways its members are addressing issues that are commonly recognized as needing solutions.

This site is paid for and maintained by a founding member of the Richardson Bay Special Anchorage Association, a fiscally sponsored tax exempt community organization under MarinLink. All donations going through this site go directly to the Anchorage Association and are not used for the maintenance of this site.  

Your input, questions, and support are welcomed.


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